SCAG Newsletter Articles    

These are links to articles written for the grotto newsletter (back when we actually published one)
or the Northeastern Caver. Articles will open in a new window.

High Tide at Pompeys
An article about an aborted trip to Pompeys when the stream turned out to be just a bit higher than we expected. Bob Zimmerman, from MET Grotto, also wrote an article about unexpected high water, this time at McFails Cave.

Negley Was a Small Man
A story about finding a 20 by 60 foot room in Knox Cave.

A River Runs Through It
The follow up story of finding a continuation beyond the room described in the story above.

Great Presidents Week Speleo Death March
About a very fun, but very exhausting week-long caving trip to Tennessee and Kentucky.

A Cost and Benefit Analysis of Kentucky Caving
Considering the costs of driving to Kentucky and back for a weekend of caving with the Cave Research Foundation. Yeah, it's worth it.

SCAG Members Discover Virgin Cave In Kentucky
A last minute trip to Kentucky gives us the chance to explore some virgin cave.

How Much Do You See?
Some caving trips are more exciting than others. On this trip one of my companions briefly contemplates blowing us up in a fiery explosion.

Over The River And Through The Woods
A Thanksgiving caving trip to West Virginia includes dinner at Granny's House.

Showing the Missouri Boys
A few cavers from Missouri visit West Virginia, and are shown the wonders of Organ Cave.

Lost And Found In Organ cave
Two of us trust that the map of Organ Cave is good enough to let us find our way in places we've never been to.